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CV Writing Tips

CV Writing Tips

The thought of writing a CV can be a very daunting process, as you attempt to make yourself look appealing as possible to potential employers and recruiters. The key is to promote your skills and experience, without exaggerating your skill set or the odd little white lie creeping in!

Remember, there is no point in claiming you can fulfil a role, when on your first day you are incapable of carrying out any of the required duties. You ideally want a role where you can apply your current skills and develop them further throughout your future employment!

Creating a 1st Class CV

When creating a great CV you need to consider the following points:

  • Size - Restrict yourself to 2 pages max and a page for your cover letter, you don’t want the reader falling asleep half way through!
  • Structure - Keep a clear and coherent layout to avoid confusion or cluttering the CV. Split your CV into headed paragraphs, for example personal statement, education, work experience etc.
  • Font - Stick roughly to a size 12 font, with a font that is easy to scan and digest.
  • Content - All work experience should be relevant to the vacancy that you are applying for, keep content such as qualifications factual... they do get checked!
  • References – Make sure you have at least two suitable references prepared from previous employment, which are willing to be contacted and give you a sparkling reference!
  • Feedback – Once you have drafted your CV send it around to family and friends, positive criticism that will help you improve your CV and highlight errors you might not have picked up on alone. There are also some very helpful CV Checking services such as, which will review your CV for free.

Reasons Why your CV Might be Unsuccessful

When you send your CV to a recruiter or employer, there is a chance they might not respond to your application, if this is the case it is likely you have not met the requirements of the job vacancy. Reasons for this may include:

  • Your CV may not have displayed efficient experience to carry out the role
  • Poor spelling and grammar throughout your CV
  • False references
  • Wrong contact details or phone number

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